UK Reaffirms Commitment to Education at Kano Conference  

The Kano State Government, in collaboration with the UK’s Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) PLANE and Arewa Consultative Forum, hosted the Education Recovery Conference on July 10th and 11th, 2024. This event brought together thought leaders, political actors, diplomats, educators, private sector players, advocates and policymakers to address significant challenges in Kano’s education sector.


The Kano State Government, with the support of the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) in Nigeria and Arewa Consultative Forum, is set to convene an education recovery conference on 10th and 11th of July, 2024. The conference featuring thought leaders, political actors, diplomats, educators, private sector players, advocates and policymakers, will focus on addressing significant education sector challenges in Kano State.

PLANE Live panel discussion on Strengthening Nigerian Education Systems to Deliver at Scale.

Panel discussion: Strengthening Nigerian education systems to deliver at scale

On Thursday 23 May 2024, DAI held a live panel discussion on Strengthening Nigerian Education Systems to Deliver at Scale. This was a hybrid event, which attracted a very successful external attendance and participation in the Q&A. The session, moderated by Programme Director, Zehra Zaidi, featured the National Team Lead, Partnership for Learning for All in Nigeria (PLANE) programme, Dr Nguyan Feese; the Commissioner for Education in Kaduna State, Professor Muhammad Sani Bello; Senior Education Adviser, British High Commission in Nigeria, Ian Attfield; and the Country Director, DAI Nigeria, Dr Joe Abah.

Integrating IQTEs into formal school system in Nigeria

The northern part of Nigeria houses most of the country’s out-of-school children. However, many parents in the region embrace Islamiyya, Quranic and Tsangaya Education (IQTE), with children often being sent far from home to acquire knowledge of the Quran. Considering the huge number of IQTE schools and their students, the integration of these schools into the formal system may help Nigeria draw closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals targets, especially Goal 4- Education for All.

Why Nigeria must focus on female teachers

Promoting the recruitment of female teachers is not only an essential step towards achieving gender equality, but also contributes to creating a more diverse, inclusive, and enriched educational environment and safer schools for women to teach and for girls to learn. Encouraging the recruitment of female teachers involves recognising the unique contributions
they bring to the profession and addressing barriers that may impede their entry into the field. Representation matters, and having female teachers provides important role models for both male and female students.

Language and Nigeria’s learning crisis: Implementing the National Language Policy

The connection between language and education is very visible and paramount. Language has a profound impact on education. Many children start school with knowledge of concepts in their mother tongue but cannot relate to the same concepts in school because they are unfamiliar with the language of the classroom. In order to fully realise the benefits of education in the mother tongue, it is essential for policymakers and educators to recognise the importance of language as a tool for learning and development.

British High Commission, PLANE and DAI delegation pledges support to Jigawa State on new education reforms 

A delegation from the British High Commission, PLANE and DAI was in Jigawa State on Wednesday, 8 November, to show support to the state government as it begins the roll-out of transformative education reforms under the new administration’s 12-point agenda. The team met with the Governor, Malam Umar Namadi and his cabinet members, and attended an Education Reform Dialogue convened by the Ministry of Basic Education and the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology in Jigawa State.

“Now, I have the confidence that if you come to my school, any child from Primary 1 and 2 can write and read without any stress”- Amina Mohammed

Headteacher Mohammed reports that PLANE’s interventions have resulted in higher enrolment rates, improved literacy skills, and increased motivation among teachers. Notably, students who previously had to reach Primary 4 or 5 before being able to read are now showing progress in reading and writing as early as Primary 1 and 2.

PLANE joins Federal Ministry of Education in hosting maiden edition of Basic Education in Nigeria Bootcamp(BEN-B)

The maiden edition of the Basic Education in Nigeria Bootcamp (BEN-B) was organised by the Federal Ministry of Education in Uyo, Akwa Ibom from 25 to 28 September 2023. The event, with the theme “Improving access to inclusive education for all children in Nigeria towards achieving SDG4”, was supported by various partners including PLANE, UNICEF, The World Bank, British Council and USAID.

Resourceful teachers in Kano State transform classrooms with creative handmade teaching aids

The transformation of classrooms through improvised instructional materials in Kano State has shown the power of creativity, determination, and community support. It further strengthens the quality of teaching and learning obtainable even in the face of resource constraints and aligns with PLANE’s mission in Nigeria to promote effective learning. As reported by some of the trained teachers, these improvised materials have improved engagement and interactions with pupils. Mathematics lessons and other subjects are now a more hands-on adventure with bottle cap counters and cardboard cutout shapes.