Partnership for Learning for All in Nigeria

programme in northwest Nigeria

Nigeria records over

0 million

out of school children in the country, especially in the communities and in rural settlements.

Ensuring educational provision in predominantly rural areas and the impact of insurgency in the northeast present significant challenges. In north-eastern and north-western states, 29 percent and 35 percent of Muslim children, respectively, receive Qur’anic education, which does not include basic skills such as literacy and numeracy. The government considers children attending such schools to be officially out-of-school.

Community Support For Learning​

Community Support For Learning​

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Enhance community support to promote education equity for marginalized children, particularly girls and those with disabilities.​

More children and young people acquire skills to be able to transition to more productive life opportunities.


48 Months

48 months – 2 years

1 Oct 22 – 30 Sep 26

Oct 2022 – Mar 2026

Our Output Areas

Our Output Areas

Evidence For Empowerment​

Using evidence-based approaches to enable and increase community-based support.​

Our Output Areas

Innovation And Inclusiveness ​

Delivering foundational skills through more inclusive and effective education.​

Downloadable Resources

Learning Materials

Learning Materials

Extended Reports​

Extended Reports​

Literacy Projects​

Literacy Projects​

Key Interventions​

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Literacy boost and numeracy boost camps

Community led sessions outside of school to help in school and out of school children between 6-9years (G1-3) improve their reading and numeracy skills.

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Catch up clubs

Community led sessions outside of school to help in school and out of school children between ages 9-13 years (G4-6) improve their reading skills.

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Home based learning

Remote/home-based learning for children living in insecure communities.

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Very Young Adolescent club

Safe spaces for girls and boys attending catch up clubs to improve their life skills and discuss issues that affect them.

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Social behaviour change

Implementing the Community Action Cycle approach to mobilise and strengthen community capacity and foster individual and collective action.

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Social behavioural change communication

Mobilising various strategies to communicate key information related to gender transformative change as they relate to access to education.

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Promoting an inclusive approach for children with disabilities across all interventions and specific activities to support children with disabilities to enroll and remain in education

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Household economic strengthening

Setting up Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) - a financial empowerment strategy for vulnerable families to support children’s education continuity

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Community case management

A community led service for girls and boys with protection concerns that links with the government Social Worker system

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Gender and safeguarding

Promoting gender equality across the entire implementation process. Putting policies and principles in place to ensure that everyone we work with and for are protected.


Save the Children International (SCI) (All States); Population Media Center (PMC) (All States); Disability Rights Advocacy Centre (DRAC) (Kano, Jigawa); Women with Disability and Self Reliance Foundation (WWDRSF) (Kaduna); Popular Theatre and Health Education (POTHE) (Jigawa); Global Improvement of Less Privileged Person Initiative (GIOPINI) (Kano); Kishimi Shelter and Care Foundation (KSCF) (Kaduna)

Milestones Achieved​

200,000 children 

0 k+
Completed community based  learning ​
0 k+
Acquired safe and inclusive education​
0 k+
Children with Disabilities (CwDs) Received Uninterrupted Education

Building A Community
​ That Cares

For Education. For Inclusiveness. For the future of Nigerian children

Faces Behind PLANE - ​​ Window 3​

Since we agreed to have senior management to be the face of PLANE on this page, please add Gregor MacKinnon, Raj Popat, Chris Perry, Mat Pritchard and Zakariya Zakari. You have their details and headshots.
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Jane Mbagi Mutua

Director, Programme Development and Quality

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Zulfiqar Ali

Head of Education

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Tumbikani Kaonga

Programme Manager - PLANE

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Oluwayemisi Erhunmwunse

Head of Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning

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Badar Musa

Advocacy, Campaign and Policy Manager

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Ibrahim Haruna

Social Behavioural Change Communication Manager- PLANE

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Abdulrashid Abdulwahab

MEAL Coordinator - PLANE

Towards Uninterrupted Education

And unimaginable advancement in Nigeria​


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(Malam Madori and Babura LGA)

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(Minjibir, Makoda and Ajingi LGA)

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(Soba and Kauru LGA)