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Stories of Change- Improving Basic Education Delivery in Northern Nigeria

This collection of stories of change from the PLANE Window One programme showcases some of the progress we made in our first year of implementation, supporting the delivery of education services at the federal level and in three northern states, Kano, Kaduna and Jigawa.

We remain proud to say that PLANE alone did not make these changes happen. It took collaboration with all relevant stakeholders, government, development partners, civil society, the Nigerian Union of Teachers, private sector, schools, communities, parents, volunteers, learners and everyone who works with them. As the name of the programme implies, we believe in building strong partnerships to accelerate progress for every Nigerian child, enabling access to a safe, inclusive and effective education system, irrespective of how remotely located their community is, what barriers exist or what background they come from.

PLANE Stories of Change on Improving Basic Education in Northern Nigeria
PLANE Year 1 Stories of Change Cover Page

Challenges remain, but our stories affirm that progress is possible if all stakeholders stay committed. They inspire us to continue working till every child has an education that can enable them to thrive in the 21st Century world of work. We are excited about what lies ahead, as the programme continues into its second year of implementation.

Happy reading!

Dr Nguyan Shaku Feese

National Team Lead, PLANE